OBD II Generic PC Scan Tool Software

EASE X3 Pro Scan Tool - Generic - Software

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Fix cars faster.  View, graph and record vehicle data on your PC with this Professional PC Scan Tool software and your J2534 Reprogrammer or EASE Enhanced Interface.

GEN2-X3 Software

For use with
EASE or ELM Vehicle Interface

MSRP: $195.00

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For use with
any supported J2534 Interface
(except EASE)

MSRP: $195.00

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Product Description

Do You Have a J2534 Reprogrammer or ELM Interface?
Discover How You Can Turn Your PC Into A Powerful Diagnostic Workstation With the Most Powerful PC Scan Tool Available ...

You can combine the power of the award winning EASE PC Scan Tool with ANY J2534 Reprogrammer so you can scan and reflash using a single interface.  There’s no need to buy two separate systems for diagnostics and reflashing. 

The EASE OBD II Scan Tool software also supports ELM 327 serial, USB and blue tooth interfaces

The EASE PC Scan Tool offers more software features than any other scan tool. Vehicle information is presented in a user friendly format that you can quickly navigate through to find what you need to get the vehicle fixed right - the first time.

OBD Scan Tool Grid OBD2 Meter OBD Graph

Other scan tools only show you a few lines of vehicle parameter values, with no way to put the whole picture together. With the EASE PC Scan Tool, you'll see loads of vehicle data in a user-friendly format on your large PC screen so you can quickly see the whole picture - making your job much easier.

This software provides OBD II Generic coverage:

EASE Scan Tool Launcher
  • The OBD II Generic PC Scan Tool supports OBD II Generic Data for all USA OBD II compliant vehicles - typically 1996 and newer GM, Ford, Chrysler, Asian and European vehicles.

This item includes the EASE X3 Pro PC Scan Tool Software and one year of support.  The software must be downloaded from the internet . 

The EASE PC Scan Tool software is easy to install and use on your Windows desktop, laptop or tablet PC.  A USB flash drive is required to store the software license key.  Be sure to read the PC requirements before ordering.

The software requires a supported vehicle interface for use - either a J2534 compliant Reprogrammer, ELM 327 interface or EASE vehicle interface.   Be sure to read the vehicle interface requirements before ordering.

Software Features

The EASE PC Scan Tool is loaded with productivity features so you can fix cars faster. Check out this list of features!

EASE Scantool Screens
  • User-friendly software with easy navigation and on-line help
  • View data parameters in grid, graph or meter format
  • Pre-defined and user customizable parameter sets
  • 6 advanced graphing windows with auto-scale, box zoom and pan.  Plus ability to graph in time (seconds) or frames
  • Fast sampling rate
  • Unlimited Record/Playback capability  and data buffer
  • Snapshots (time-stamped and color-coded) and Markers
  • Import recordings from other users
  • Export recordings as text files (ASCII for use in spreadsheets) or EASE Scan Tool recordings
  • Add notes to each recording and vehicle
  • Easy updates and upgrades via web
  • Advanced database filtering to help you quickly find a previous vehicle or recording
  • Print Screens and Professional Reports
  • Include any screen shot or photo in a PC Scan Tool Report with our Screen Grabber feature
  • Meter configurations with Min/Max determination
  • Multiple user feature allows customization per user
  • Integrated database tracks all vehicle and customer data
  • Experience Fast Connections with the New Auto Connect Wizard!

Vehicle Data Specifications

OBD II Generic Scan Tool
Generic OBD-II
  • Supports all 1996 and newer Domestic, Asian and European OBD2 Compliant Vehicles
  • 1995 - 2016 Vehicle Selection
  • Supports SAE J1850(VPW, PWM), ISO 9141-2(ISO), ISO 14230(KWP2000) & ISO 15765/SAE J2284 (CAN) Protocols
  • Full expanded Generic PID Support (2014 J1979-DA) –  400+ data parameters (PIDS)
  • Plus EASE custom data parameters like Rich/Lean Status, Engine Vacuum, Acceleration, MPG
  • Create your own Custom data parameters
  • Read and Clear Stored and Pending DTCs & Descriptions
  • Read and Clear Generic and Manufacturer-Specific DTCs & Descriptions
  • Perform Enhanced DTC Scan & Description
  • Read Permanent DTCs (Mode $0A / 10)
  • Determine if the Check Engine Light (MIL) is commanded on + ability to turn it OFF
  • Mode 6 Support - On-Board Monitoring Test Results for Specific Monitored Systems – View Raw and Translated Results Per OEM in Grid and Report Format
  • Mode 6 Universal Parameter Scaling
  • Mode 8 Support - Evaporative System Leak Test and Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
  • Mode 9 Support - Vehicle Information - VIN, CALID, CVN, Infotypes and In-Use Performance Counters
  • Read and Clear Freeze Frame Data
  • View O2 Sensor Test Results
  • View I/M Monitors Availability and Status - Since DTC Cleared and This Monitoring Cycle
  • View OBD Support Level, Fuel System 1 & 2 Status, Secondary Air Status, and PTO Status
  • Parameter and Acronym and DTC Library with 3,000+ generic DTCs
  • Automatically determine the fastest data sampling speed, supports CAN X6
  • Works with J2534 interfaces
  • Works with ELM interfaces

What's Included

Software Delivered by Web Download

You will receive an e-mail with download information on our next business day.

EASE scan tool software

The following is included with this item:

  • EASE X3 Pro PC Scan Tool that must be downloaded from Internet.  You will receive an email with a download link and instructions after your order is processed during EASE business hours. 
  • EASE X3 Pro OBD II Generic Data PC Scan Tool Installation Software

Please Read:  Web Download Delivery Requires - Internet Connection, Email address and user provided "removable storage" USB Flash Drive* with at least 5MB of free space to store software security key.

* USB Flash Drive Note - Version X3 requires a "removable storage" USB Flash/Thumb Drive to store software access code/license. "Windows 8 Certified" and "Windows To Go" USB flash drives are not supported.


PC Requirements

To ensure maximum performance and proper operation of the EASE PC Scan Tool,
a desktop, laptop or tablet PC is needed with the following minimum requirements:

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 Home or Professional
    Note: Windows Professional Version Required for J2534 Reprogramming
  • Minimum Processor:  Dual Core or equivalent
    Recommended Processor: i3 or i5
  • Minimum RAM: 1G
    Recommended RAM: 2G
  • 1GB Hard Drive Space for installation, more needed for saving recordings and snapshots
  • USB communication port for software dongle/key
  • Web Download Delivery Option requires - Internet Connection, Email address and user provided "removable storage" USB Flash Drive* with at least 5MB of free space to store software security key. 
  • USB Vehicle Interface PC Connection:
    One free USB communication port  (Two USB ports total required)
  • WiFi Vehicle Interface PC Connection:
    2.4 GHz 802.11b/g WiFi wireless capability

    Please Note:  Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 do not support Ad-hoc networking.  EASE WiFi vehicle interfaces need to be setup for Network infrastructure mode.

* USB Flash Drive Note - Version X3 requires a "removable storage" USB Flash/Thumb Drive to store software access code/license. "Windows 8 Certified" and "Windows To Go" USB flash drives are not supported.


Vehicle Interface Requirements

The EASE OBD II Generic PC Scan Tool Software requires a supported vehicle interface for use - either an ELM or EASE vehicle interface or a J2534 compliant Reprogrammer as follows: 

  • EASE Enhanced Vehicle Interface Model: EVI-6000 plus Green, Black, Blue and Orange OBD II Cables
  • EASE Universal Reprogrammer II+
  • EASE Universal Reprogrammer II
  • ELM 327 serial, USB, WiFi and Blue Tooth Vehicle Interface
  • The software was designed to work with Any J2534 Compliant Reprogrammer.  We have verified the following models:
  • Drew Tech CarDAQ-Plus 2
  • Drew Tech CarDAQ-Plus
  • Drew Tech CarDAQ-M
  • Snap-on Pass Thru Pro III
  • Snap-on Pass Thru Pro II
  • Bosch Flasher Pro
  • Launch J-Box 2
  • Launch J-Box
  • ACTIA Passthru XS
  • DG Technologies VSI-2534
  • AEZ Flasher 2
  • AEZ Flasher
  • Autel MaxiFlash Pro
  • Drew Tech Mongooses and Bosch Flasher LT are also supported however you will need the GM, Ford, Chrysler and ISO/CAN(Import) models to access all the data supported by this software.

       X    Will NOT work with:

  • Cardone Flash 2
  • OTC Pegisys MVCI
  • Bosch Mastertech VCI (M-VCI)
EASE Vehicle Interfaces
  • EASE Enhanced Vehicle Interface Models: 
    EVI-6000, WVI-5000 or WVI-CAN-USB plus Green Cable
  • EASE Enhanced Vehicle Interface/Reprogrammer Model:
    EASE UVI-J2534-1 plus Green Cable.  Version 10 Reprogrammer Assistant Software recommended.
  • EASE Mini Data Logger (MINI-DL)
  • EASE Basic/Generic Only and most older Vehicle Interfaces Models:



Money Back Guarantee

The EASE PC Scan Tool is fully covered by our 30 Day Money-Back guarantee!

Try this system for 30 Days and put it through the ringer. You be the judge. If this system doesn't deliver everything we've promised, just return it and we'll refund your purchase price.


Technical Support

One year of Technical Support is also included with your EASE purchase. So if you ever need help, you can contact our support department by calling our support line or by sending them an email


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EASE accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and eChecks thru PayPal.



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