Frequently Asked Questions

How does the EASE Scan Tool differ from the competition?

Viewing a full screen of vehicle data vs. viewing only a few lines of vehicle data at once (most competitive devices), enables the technician to see the “whole picture” without the time-consuming effort of scrolling back-and-forth on a tiny screen or having to run multiple separate functions at once.

Being PC based; the EASE solution is more versatile than handhelds. The PC you run the EASE Scan Tool software on can be used for vehicle diagnostics and other shop functions such as shop management and invoicing.

EASE offers a Wireless Vehicle Interface that allows the freedom of scanning any vehicle anywhere in the shop without the “juggling” of vehicles or equipment in order to scan the vehicle.

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Is the EASE PC Scan Tool a hand-held unit?

The EASE PC Scan Tool is not a handheld unit. The EASE PC Scan Tool Package includes Windows-based software that is installed on either a desktop, laptop or tablet PC and a vehicle interface that gets connected to both the PC and vehicle under test.  A wireless vehicle interface is also available that will eliminated the need to run a cable from the PC to the vehicle.


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Does the EASE PC Scan Tool come with a PC?

No.   Packages include the EASE Scan Tool software that you can install on your desktop, laptop or tablet.  Be sure to read the PC requirements for the item you are ordering.  

A laptop, desktop or tablet PC can be ordered with any EASE item.   The PC will arrive with the EASE softwae installed and ready to go.  Contact EASE for more information and pricing.

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How many PC’s can the EASE PC Scan Tool software be installed on?

The PC Scan Tool software uses a USB flash drive to store the software access code/key.   This means you can use the EASE Scan Tool software on any PC you want, as long as the USB Key Drive is plugged into the USB port of the PC you are using.

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Does EASE offer special prices?

Our product is priced to be highly competitive (when comparing feature-to-feature the EASE PC Scan Tool product is priced far less than the competition).  We provide discounts to Educational Institutions for select products and quantity discounts for large volume purchases.

Occasionally we do run specials.  If you would like to be notified of these specials, please subscribe to our EASE email newsletter. Enter your name and email address in the sign up box on our home page.

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Is Technical Support available for the EASE PC Scan Tool?

One year of phone and email support are included with the purchase of a EASE PC Scan Tool package. Additional phone support can be purchased, after the first year, if required.

On-line Support is also available. This is where you will find software updates, the latest product documentation and information on technical support issues.

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What is the warranty on a EASE PC Scan Tool Package?

The EASE PC Scan Tool comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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How does it connect to the vehicle?

EASE Cabled Vehicle Interfaces connect to the PC's USB port and the diagnostic connector of vehicle under test using the cables included with your package.

EASE Wireless Vehicle Interfaces (WVI) connect to the diagnostic connector of vehicle under test using the cable(s) included with your package.  The WVI communicates wirelessly with the PC so no cables are required between the PC and the vehicle. (A PC with 802.11b/g wireless capability is required).

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Can you have multiple wireless interfaces in the shop without any confusion?

Yes. This is because the Wireless Vehicle Interfaces (WVI) are IP addressable. The IP address is like dialing a phone number. The IP address that is assigned to the WVI is entered in the PC Scan Tool software and the software will only "talk" to the WVI that has that IP address. Additional WVIs will need to be assigned different IP addresses.

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How is the EASE vehicle interface powered?

When connecting to an OBD II vehicle (1996 and newer), the diagnostic connector will power the vehicle interface. (If the fuse for the diagnostic connector is blown, you will have to replace the fuse or power the vehicle interface via the vehicle's cigarette plug or battery).

When connecting to an OBD I vehicle (1995 and older), you will always have to power the vehicle interface via the vehicle's cigarette plug or battery. This is because the OBD I vehicle does not provide power via the diagnostic connector.

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Does the EASE PC Scan Tool tell you how to fix the vehicle?

No. The EASE PC Scan Tool provides data from the vehicle’s computer(s) along with DTC’s (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) allowing you to easily identify and diagnose a problem.

NEW - OBD2 Vehicle Inspection Software is available that works with EASE Vehicle Interfaces. 

Introducing VehicleMRI - VehicleMRI Decreases Diagnostic Time By Eliminating What Is Right, So You Can Focus On What’s Wrong.

VehicleMRI quickly runs thru hundreds of obd2 tests that would typically take an automotive technician 1 hour+ to run.  VehicleMRI knows which car computer and parameters to scan to determine which vehicle systems or components are functioning correctly and which are not. Within minutes, you will know where to start so you can quickly focus on the car problems.  +more info

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Does the EASE PC Scan Tool have data logging capabilities?

The EASE PC Scan Tool does have recording capabilities. The amount of recording time is dependent on the amount of space that you have available on your hard drive (6000 hours for 40GB of Hard Drive space). Once the hard drive is full the recordings can be off-loaded onto either a CD or disk.

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Can you scan the vehicle while driving?

Scanning a vehicle while driving the vehicle is not recommended for personal safety reasons. However, if you have the EASE PC Scan Tool software on a laptop, you could put the laptop in the vehicle and make a recording during a driving test. Later, you can play back the recording and analyze the data that was recorded while you were driving the vehicle.

The tool that would be better for this procedure is the companion product of the EASE PC Scan Tool, called the Mini Data Logger. This tool will allow you to take the vehicle for a driving test and record data for a 12 hour time period. The unit is great for finding intermittent problems with a vehicle.

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What is the difference between Generic and Enhanced data?

US Federal law required all vehicle manufacturers to meet OBD II standards by 1996. All OBD II vehicles support a common list of emission-related data called Generic data. This data includes basic powertrain parameters such as engine RPM, vehicle speed, engine coolant temperature, etc.

Vehicle manufacturers wanted to be able to scan more data than just the generic parameters so they added their own expanded list of Enhanced data (also called factory or dealership data). This data is wide-ranging and covers areas such as; Powertrain, ABS, Airbag, and Body Controllers, etc.

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What is included in Powertrain Data?

Powertrain Data includes engine and transmission data, and bi-directional control capabilities. The Powertrain data is considered Enhanced vehicle specific data.

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What is included in Body/Chassis Data?

Body/Chassis Data includes data from the Body Control Modules as well as the ABS and Air Bag systems. This data is considered Enhanced vehicle specific data.

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What is included in the bi-directional capabilities for the EASE PC Scan Tool?

The bi-directional capabilities of the EASE PC Scan Tool are features that allow you to exercise solenoids & run tests like crankshaft relearn, EGR pintle position test, fuel pump test, electric air pump command, disabling and enabling injectors and cylinders, etc. This allows you to check the functionality of various systems

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Are there updates available for the software?

Yes. Yearly software updates are available that include the next year vehicle data and all of the new vehicles and their specifics. The updates also include new functions and software enhancements. It is recommended that the customer keep their EASE PC Scan Tool software current from year to year in order to get the maximum return form their investment.

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Do I have to update the software each year?

You don’t have to update you EASE PC Scan Tool software each year, but when you skip a year and then decide to update the following year you will be billed for the year that was missed. This is because the update is on a CD and will include all of the data that you missed as well as the data for the update that you are purchasing. It is more cost effective for the customer to keep their EASE PC Scan Tool software current every year.

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When are the updates usually available?

The updates are typically available once every year. You will either be contacted by mail, e-mail, or phone when the updates become available for your EASE PC Scan Tool.

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